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How To Deal With Armpit Sweat

How To Deal With Armpit Sweat


: Medical treatments

There are several topical or systemic medications used to treat hyperhidrosis, for example

Antiperspirants: Your doctor may prescribe antihistamines containing aluminum chloride, such as dresol, where the antibody is placed directly on the skin before bedtime and washed in the morning, but may cause irritation of the skin or eyes, in which case it can be replaced with hydrocortisone cream.

Nervous drugs : Some medications taken orally prevent nerve contact, thus reducing sweating in some, but may cause some side effects, such as dry mouth and blurred vision.

Antidepressants : Some medications used to treat depression may reduce sweating and also reduce
 anxiety that will exacerbate the problem of hyperhidrosis.

  : Natural recipes

: There are several ways to get rid of sweat, including

Apple cider vinegar : apple cider vinegar has the characteristics of holding to control sweating, so it is used as an antidote to sweating, through the formation of a layer to ensure the blockage of pores, and this is done by washing the area under the armpit well, and rubbed with cotton saturated with a little vinegar, In the morning wash, put the deodorant as usual, and can be added two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey to a glass of water, and drink it once a day on an empty stomach to combat hyperhidrosis.

Bread soda : Bread soda is one of the most deodorizing natural products. Alkaline helps balance sweat acids that promote bacterial growth and thus absorb odors. It is used by mixing half a cup of cornstarch with half a cup of soda and adding 2-3 Drop the lavender oil into the mixture, rub the armpit area with this mixture using a damp cloth, and leave it to dry

General Tips : 

  • Wear heavy clothes that increase sweating, and replace them with light fabrics, such as cotton and silk

  • Bathing daily with antibacterial soap, so as to eliminate the bacteria causing the smell of sweat, then the deodorant can be used after the body completely dry

  • Use an underarm lining to absorb sweat, thus protecting clothing from damage and odors

  • Avoid eating chemically processed foods. Chemical compounds added to food, whether preservatives or taste enhancers, increase sweating. The problem is exacerbated if combined with obesity. Avoid eating fried, frozen or canned foods. Replace them with fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. Fresh.

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