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How to deal with depression with herbs

How to deal with depression with herbs

  People may feel from time to time a change in mood and sadness, but this feeling is temporary and simple and is not a disease, but depression is a psychiatric illness that requires treatment, and there are many ways to treat depression, so as not to reach the patient to the stage of self-harm, Psychotherapy and drug therapy, there are also some natural methods that help cure and relieve depression
:Treatment of plants and herbs
The plant consists of substances rich in vitamins, minerals and natural substances, and elements such as oxygen, sulfur, iodine, phosphorus etc., as well as contain antioxidants, and uses botanical therapy in four directions
       Immunotherapy : the use of plant species that support the body to carry out vital processes to fight diseases and alien objects.
       Therapeutic treatment : It is the use of plants that remove toxins that result from diseases
       Balanced treatment : It is the use of plants that compensate and complement the body basic materials lost to restore and correct the vital functions in it.
       Auxiliary treatment : It is the use of plants that have a role in helping to treat some diseases
:Treatment of depression
 Herbalism As depression is a disease like other diseases, it must have a cure, and from the treatment of depression with herbs, there are many herbs that have proven effective in reducing the severity: of the disease, and the most important herbs used to treat depression
       Saffron: Saffron, specifically saffron, which is the heart of saffron flower, has been shown to be effective in treating light and moderate conditions of depression.
       St. John's herb: A herb used by Europeans to treat depression. It has a similar effect to the drug antidepressants used to treat the disease. Some have praised it for treating mild to moderate cases of depression, but it has not been agreed and agreed to rely on it as a medicine for depression. Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) as a medication for depression
       Kava: A sedative plant that helps to relax, resisting stress, tension, and anxiety which relieves depression
       Rhodiola herb: the so-called golden root herb, or the crown of the king. This herb has been used for years to fight depression, as it gives positive results in reducing anxiety and tension,
.but it is not a cure in itself

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